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On this page:
  • Details of the theory built into the models and design features of MIDUSS
  • The latest User Manuals for Version 2.
  • Conference papers and PowerPoint presentations (download or view online).
  • MIDUSS training PowerPoint presentations (download or view online).



MIDUSS manuals
  • 11 chapters of practice and theory
    3.2 MB  350 pages
Appendices     0.8 MB  84 pages
  • references
  • installation instructions
  • Malaysia customization
  • What's New in Version 2
  • beginner training on use of MIDUSS
    1.4 MB  122 pages



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View the PowerPoint presentation

Design Construction & Performance of Exfiltration Trenches 

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Integrating Simulation and Design for Stormwater Management


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Powerpoint Presentations

These presentations are used for one day MIDUSS training courses.  They combine MIDUSS techniques, design theory and student exercises.

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You can view the presentation

Getting started  73KB   View now
Creating a storm 228KB   View now
Catchment setup  207KB   View now
Designing a pipe  128KB   View now
Designing a channel 228KB   View now
Routing the flow 181KB   View now
Designing a detention pond  152KB   View now
On site storage 194KB   View now
Working with files 76KB   View now
Designing an exfiltration trench  177KB   View now
Optimizing your design with the Automatic command  119KB   View now
Get ALL the above PPT files in one large file 1.124 MB   View now






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