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About us...

Alan A. Smith Inc. is a software development company established in 1978.

We began as a consulting engineering service in the areas of urban hydrology studies and stormwater management design. In 1985, we expanded into engineering software development and commercialized the MIDUSS software.

MIDUSS software evolved from a need for a design tool that would embody the same simple design approach of the rational method with modern techniques for hydrological analysis and hydraulic design.

Since its first release in, MIDUSS has become the program of choice by consultants, educators and approval agencies in Canada. These groups of users find MIDUSS attractive for the following reasons:

  • Consultants use MIDUSS to design stormwater systems quickly and easily and provide a competitive edge.
  • Educators find the range of modelling options in MIDUSS a valuable aid in teaching hydrological principals and show the sensitivity of results to the selection of modelling methods and parameter values.
  • Approval agencies value MIDUSS as an easily remembered procedure for checking and comparing submissions using alternate software tools.













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You have a custom version of MIDUSS distributed through Winz Connections.
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