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New version of MIDUSS drainage design software


July 7, 2004 - Dundas, Ontario, Canada. - Alan A. Smith Inc. has released a major upgrade to their MIDUSS drainage design software.   

MIDUSS Version 2 has many improvements to help the drainage engineer design a stormwater network.  The new version  maintains the theme of a versatile hydrological simulator followed by a wide range of practical design options.

“The new culvert design feature is very sophisticated,” said Laurence Smith, Product Manager.

“There are multiple barrels in a wide choice of industry standard shapes and sizes.  The flow can also be routed through any detention storage behind the culvert.”

Other major improvements include more options in detention pond design and a new cascading super-pipe feature.  The infiltration trench design also sports a new graphical interface.

“When MIDUSS Version 1 was introduced five years ago we provided updates almost every month.  Version 2 represents a major advance and will continue the frequent update tradition.  By November 2004 we will also be adding infiltration ponds to this release and users will receive free updates,” adds Smith. 

There is a new graphical plan view of the drainage layout.   “A picture of the layout is automatically built-up as the elements are designed and optimized,” says Smith.  “Other products make you draw the layout merely as a way of creating a batch input file,” he adds. “With MIDUSS the engineer interactively optimizes a drainage element which is then added to the network layout view.” 

The MIDUSS Version 2 hydrology module also has several new tools and features.  There is an IDF curve fit utility, a mass curve customization system, instantaneous unit hydrograph generator and a time of concentration tool.

Although MIDUSS has been on the market for 20 years, this new release is the first to offer network and enterprise licenses; each comes with unlimited users.

“The key code headaches from the hard disk fingerprint copy protection are gone” says Smith.  “We listened to our customers and developed a new licensing system that better balances our ownerships rights with the simplicity and convenience that our users want.”

A demo version is available from  MIDUSS Version 2 costs US$ 895 for a single license, US$ 2,595 for network and US$ 10,000 for enterprise licenses.

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For more information please contact:

Laurence Smith, Product Manager
Alan A. Smith Inc.
17 Lynndale Dr. Dundas, Ontario, Canada L9H 3L4
Tel: (905) 628-4682 Fax: (905) 628-1364


Press Resources

Press release:

Word file 30kb PDF file 10 kb

Logo graphics:

  BMP format, RLE compressed, black & white, 300 dpi, 17 kb
    BMP format, RLE compressed, black & white, 600 dpi, 60 kb
    TIF format, LZW compressed, black & white, 300 dpi, 4 kb
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  BMP format, RLE compression, 16 colour, 300 dpi, 40 kb
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    TIF format, LZW compressed, 16 colour, 300 dpi, 14 kb
    TIF format, LZW compressed, 16 colour, 600 dpi, 34 kb

Example screen shots:

Typical MIDUSS culvert design window

Graphic available in the following formats,  Download as a ZIPed file.
BMP format, 96 dpi, 24 bit colour, 88 kb
BMP format, 300 dpi, 24 bit colour, 738 kb
TIF format, 96 dpi, LZW compression, 24 bit colour, 38 kb
TIF format, 300 dpi, LZW compression, 24 bit colour, 1.0 MB
JPG format, 96 dpi, 58 kb
JPG format, 300 dpi, 196 kb

Typical MIDUSS culvert plot


Typical example of a MIDUSS drainage layout with a lotting graphic as  background.






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