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Academic Institutions
MIDUSS Version 2 Network
Unlimited Seats
One time cost only: US$ 995

This page has been specially prepared for engineering faculty at academic institutions who teach the principles of hydrology and stormwater design.

For engineering faculty we are offering the MIDUSS Version 2 Network edition for a one time cost of US$ 995.  You will receive:

  • MIDUSS Version 2 Network license with unlimited seats per academic institution.

    Install it in a lab, your own office PC and any graduate student PCs.

    There is no complicated keycode system, just enter the license serial number on the installation screen.

    The Network version has a very low administrative overhead effort level which your IT support staff will appreciate.
  • You receive one (1) set of User manuals, soft cover, total of approx 600 pages.  Reference Manual includes comprehensive theory and practice.  The Tutorial manual includes a detailed example using MIDUSS Version 2.
  • Includes one FREE MIDUSS Version 2 Single User license intended for non-network use (e.g. laptop installation for out-of-office use)
  • MIDUSS Version 2 CD media which includes 2 hours of audio-visual tutorials.
  • 90 days Technical Support and Free Updates from our web site.  You can add an additional 12 months Support and Updates for only US$ 120.


  MIDUSS Version 2 is a great tool to help you teach hydrology and drainage design to students.

Ask your students questions like:

  • In the Chicago storm, will a change in 'r' cause a change in peak runoff?
  • A catchment has 40% impervious area.  Using a Huff storm, will the 3rd or 4th quartile give a higher runoff peak?
  • For a given storm, the SCS method and Horton infiltration model may give the same total rainfall loss; will the peak runoff be different with these two methods?
  • A pond outflow is controlled by an orifice and a weir.  What would be the effect on the outflow peak if you raise the weir invert?
  • How is the runoff hydrograph affected by changing the overland routing option?
  • A channel cross section comprises a low flow channel and flood banks that are heavily overgrown with shrubs.  Will 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional uniform flow analysis give a higher depth of flow?

MIDUSS is the ideal software tool to answer these questions.

MIDUSS combines hydrology and design into one package.

MIDUSS provides a tool-box of modeling alternatives.  Students learn quickly how runoff prediction is sensitive to the choice of model algorithm.

There are many hydrology models included so that the student can quickly learn the sensitivity of using a model choice.

Once a hydrograph is generated the practicing engineer needs to design a network of elements to convey the flow.  MIDUSS lets the student design an unlimited network of pipes, channels, detention ponds, infiltration trenches, culverts, diversions.  Practical default designs are presented throughout.

MIDUSS is also easy-to-use.  No complicated batch text files to setup, do a run, and spend too much time analyzing results; then doing a re-run.  All very tedious and not a very enriching learning environment.

MIDUSS is different.  It's completely interactive - students can see the results of their modeling and design decisions immediately - enhancing the learning experience.

How to evaluate MIDUSS:

  • Download our Demo version from this website. The download is our Single user license but the Network version is identical in features and interaction.
  • Review the rest of this web site, in particular the audio-visual lessons, to learn more about the features and benefits of MIDUSS.
  • Review what our current MIDUSS users say about our software.
  • Review the Microsoft PowerPoint slides for possible use as teaching aides.

How to buy this specially priced MIDUSS:
  1. a completed order form
  2. your academic institution purchase order

Our fax number is: +1 (905) 628-1364

A note for your IT Support staff:
  • Full Network instructions are available from this web site at this link:
  • The MIDUSS Version 2 Network server license works on Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  Client stations can be any of the above OS plus Windows 98 and Windows Me.
  • The install requires one installation on a server.  Client installations, run from the server, setup all local working files and retrieve only the main MIDUSS.exe from the server once per session.  Network traffic is minimal.  Licensing is automatically copied directly to the Client station.  Program maintenance is all done at the Server.







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