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  Custom storms for Malaysia

Watch a Flash movie explaining the Malayisa storm features in MIDUSS.
The Malaysian version of MIDUSS has an extra item
in the Hydrology menu to define design storms for use
in Malaysia. Click on this to open the window Storms (Malaysia).
Follow the prompts in the yellow box
and select the return period of the storm.
Next you should define the storm duration. Note that if the duration is less than 30 minutes you must also define the 2-year, 24-hour rainfall depth. In this example the duration is set to 90 minutes.
This map shows isohyetals of the 2-year, 24-hour rainfall for West malaysia. It can be opened or closed with the [Show Map] button.
You can then select a location from the drop-down list to load the coefficients for the 5-year storm in this part of Selangor Province. Clicking on the row copies the four coefficients to the main window.
Click on the [Compute Storm] button to calculate
the total storm depth and the maximum rainfall intensity.
To copy the storm characterstics to MIDUSS Storm command
click on the [Copy] button. The total depth and duration are
copied. Also, the rainfall distribution is defined by a mass rainfall
distribution file. Here we must use the 120 minute file for Western
Malaysia. In most cases this will be selected automatically by MIDUSS.
Finally, click [Display] on the Storm command window to display
the hyetograph in both tabular and graphical form. Then click the
[Accept] button to adopt this design storm for the remainder of
the simulation.
Please click on this image to see an example.













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