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MIDUSS review
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Okay, we know your time is valuable.  You'll give us a maximum of 180 seconds before moving on.

Quickly now, here goes...

MIDUSS includes many hydrological models

Generate your hydrograph from a combination of:

  • 5 types of design storm including your own custom historic or mass storms

  • 3 infiltration methods

  • 4 popular overland flow methods

Use hydrographs from other programs.  Good if your local government specifies a certain program must be used to generate hydrographs BUT it has very weak design capabilities.  This is the norm in the industry.  MIDUSS has great design features.

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Provides a wide range of design elements

Route your hydrograph through a network of pipes, channels, culverts, ponds, trenches and diversions. 

Each design element provides an automatic design as a starting point and there are many features to help you optimize the element. 

Industry standard defaults are provided throughout. 

Storage routing thoughout.

Culvert design even includes sophisticated storage routing.  That's right, create detention storage with your culvert design.

Metric or imperial units throughout.

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Interactive design

Your network design develops interactively and in a downstream direction letting you observe the growth of the flood wave and adjust the design of each element for best performance.

This feature is really big.  As an engineer you want to be able to iterate your design a much as possible, comfortably and reliably.  That way your design gets better and better.  If you design using unweildy batch interaction you simply run out of time and can't tweak the design elements.

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How are we doing on your time?  Just one more minute, please?

Unlimited size of network

The drainage network can be of unlimited size with any number and type of catchments and conduits and with many active junction or confluence points. Routing algorithms for drainage elements pipes, channels, detention ponds and infiltration trenches are built in.  Hyetographs and hydrographs can be imported and exported.

Check out our competition...pricing by size of network!  Not MIDUSS.

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Layout view

View your layout at any point in the design.  Add a background image of the catchment terrain.  Move the drainage elements around to match your real life constructed design.  Hover over each element to learn its design and performance data.

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Automatic mode

Automatic mode tests a system design with a more severe storm or different land use conditions and lets you watch how your network reacts.  Stop the stress test where a design element is not working well, re-design it, and then continue with the simulation.  Automatic mode lets you know the upper limits of your design and helps you fine tune its performance interactively.

Told you interactive design is big with us! 

We want you to shine as an engineer.  If you are using spreadsheets to design, you'll be aghast at the productivity offered by MIDUSS.

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Price is good!

MIDUSS is only US$845 with 90 days support and updates.  Plus the size of your drainage system design is unlimited in size.  No node or junction or catchment limits. Please visit our ShopMIDUSS web site.

You can review MIDUSS by visiting the download area. 

On-line video tutorials help you learn how to use MIDUSS.

The User Manuals come as a 400+ page Reference Manual and 125+ page Tutorial Manual complete with extensive theory and practice.



Okay enough!  Thanks for your attention.


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