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v2 new feature - Cut / Copy / Paste

The Cut, Copy and Paste commands let you use the Clipboard to transfer data between MIDUSS and any other Windows application that supports the use of the Clipboard in this way. Programs such as Microsoft Excel can be used to prepare data for use in MIDUSS by copying data from the spreadsheet to a data grid. Where possible, MIDUSS will adjust the incoming data to match the format of the MIDUSS data input grid.

The Edit commands Cut, Copy and Paste can be called using the normal Windows shortcut keystrokes, i.e.

  • Edit Cut Ctrl + X
    Copy selected text to Clipboard and delete source
  • Edit Copy Ctrl + C
    Copy selected text to Clipboard; source unchanged
  • Edit Paste Ctrl + V
    Copy Clipboard text to destination cell.

If the Clipboard contains multiple cells the Paste operation checks to ensure that there is enough space available at the destination and then copies the text to the right and below the target cell.







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