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Version 2 new Licensing and Pricing

MIDUSS Version 2 comes in four license configurations:

  • single user - installation on one PC
  • network - installation on a server in an office, unlimited number of users in that office may use MIDUSS
  • academic network - installation on a server in an academic lab, unlimited number of users in that lab may use MIDUSS
  • enterprise - delivery of network and single users versions of MIDUSS.  License allows installation on any number of servers or single PCs throughout the the organizational entity - world wide.

MIDUSS Version 2 demo will have no time limit but will have restricted parameters.  The MIDUSS v2 demo will require an activation serial number before running.  The serial number will be emailed to you when MIDUSS is downloaded from our web site.

MIDUSS Version 2 full version (i.e. non-demo) will be activated with the use of a full serial number.  This serial number will be provided to you when the MIDUSS Version 2 license is purchased from us or from one of our resellers.


Download our complete price list for MIDUSS Version 2.  Click here.  This price list is effective January 1, 2004.






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College or University faculty?

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Theory anyone?

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You have a custom version of MIDUSS distributed through Winz Connections.
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