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v2 new feature - Layout

This new feature is intended to provide a visual display of the elements added to the drainage network. The procedure is carried out automatically in MIDUSS and Catchments, Pipes, Channels and other stormwater control devices are drawn on the Layout as they are designed.

On the Layout form you can select and drag one or more objects to more closely represent the topology of the drainage network that you are designing. To assist in this customization of the Layout you can initially select whether the origin (i.e. where X = 0, Y = 0) implies plotting on a specific quadrant – NE, SE, NW or SW. For example, if the default South-East quadrant is selected the origin will be at the top-left corner of the drawing area.

The first time you design an element that will be drawn on the Layout you will be prompted to select a quadrant.

In addition to the objects shown in Fig. 19 the Layout will contain three types of link to represent a Pipe, a Channel or a Dummy link that serves to indicate connectivity between objects.

The Layout form can be displayed by using the Show / Layout menu command. Along the top edge of the form are a number of controls to allow some customization of the layout. These are shown below.

By ‘right-clicking’ (assuming a right-handed user) on the Layout form a drop-down menu appears with a number of options. The example shows that the ‘Select’ mode has been used. This causes the downstream node to be surrounded by ‘sizing handles’ and has also allowed this node to be dragged down below (i.e. south) of the catchment. An important feature of the drag operation is that links connected to the node are also ‘dragged’ along with the node.

In ‘View’ mode the grid is not displayed. However, when selected, the View mode causes an information box to be displayed when the mouse pointer is over an object.





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