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v2 new feature - Channel

Two changes have been made to the Channel design command. Both of these apply to the use of a complex cross-section

Cross-Section Files

Once a complex cross-section has been defined by clicking on the [OK] button it is possible to save the data in a file which is stored by default in the current Output directory. You may navigate to another folder if desired. The default file extension is *.XSEC.
Subsequently the file can be imported into the Channel command and can be edited in the usual way by modifying the data displayed in the grid.

Variable Roughness

When a check box labelled ‘Variable Roughness’ is selected an extra row in the data table is displayed. Initially this is filled with the default value of Manning ‘n’. You can edit the values in the usual way to describe high values of roughness due to flood plane vegetation or other roughness elements. The variable roughness feature is disabled in Demonstration mode.



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