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v2 new feature - Pond Design Enhancements

A number of improvements have been made to the Pond design procedure.

  • When the Pond window opens the Target outflow is arbitrarily set at one half of the peak inflow. Before the design proceeds you are prompted to either accept this value or enter a preferred Target outflow.
  • When using the ‘Rectangular Pond’ geometry option a Tool is made available to estimate the aspect ratio (Length/Width) of the equivalent rectangular area in terms of the measured surface area and perimeter. The figure below shows this feature in use.

  • Outflow Control options now include two additional choices:


    • A Horizontal Orifice is one in which the discharge flows vertically downward through a horizontal plate.
    • A Pipe control is simply an outflow pipe that is long enough that the normal depth of uniform flow occurs at the upstream end just after the initial acceleration. The head H in the pond is assumed to be equal to the specific energy at the upstream end of the pipe, i.e.


  • To improve on the accuracy with which the Stage – Discharge curve is computed, steps have been taken to discourage the user from specifying a weir crest elevation that falls between two values of the set of stage elevations. The figure below shows a warning message that is displayed if this occurs. In this example the stage values were …108.0, 109.5, 121.0, 122.5…that could have resulted in a maximum water level greater than the weir crest producing zero flow over the weir.





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