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MIDUSS v2 new features


Design culverts of various shape and control conditions. 

   more info








Draws a layout of the current drainage network.

 more info






Edit Storm

Edit a a pre-defined Mass Rainfall Distribution curve.

 more info






Variable roughness added plus cross-section data can be saved in a file and subsequently reloaded.

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A new feature lets you design a storage device (typically below ground) that comprises two cells in series.

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Extra Outflow Control added.

 more info






Now includes pipe discharge in addition to the orifice and weir options.

 more info







A description of the catchment can be added in addition to ID number

An option box under the Catchment Tab lets you include a test hydrograph in the graphical display. This can be used for calibration or comparison.



Additional tools to assist with calibrating and testing a model.   more info


IDF Curve Fit

Compute Chicago Storm parameters from rainfall data.

 more info







Quick Graph

Multiple hydrographs can be superimposed on a single plot.

  more info



Time of Concentration

Find time of concentration.

 more info






Roughness Height

Convert Manning n to roughness height and vice versa.

 more info




Save / Load Session

Save an image of all data and files for the current session. Re-load data and files for a previous session. 

 more info









Save & Load file

Commands to save and load rainfall and hydrograph files. These two commands are an alternative to using the File Input-Output command in the Hydrograph menu.  more info


Repeat from Start

Repeat the session from the start.  Typically this is used  to allow the storm to be changed to correspond to the increase in the time of concentration.  more info



Improved functionality to allow dragging of data to and from MS Excel or the clipboard.  more info



When you run the program and you are connected to the internet, MIDUSS will check our web site to determine if there are new updates available.  This feature can be turned off if you are not always connected to the internet.


Licensing and Pricing

Network licensing and simplified keycode protection system.  more info


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