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v2 new feature - Time of Concentration tool

The time of concentration is calculated as the sum of up to three components of travel time. These are:

  1. Flood wave travel time of overland flow
  2. Travel time in relatively small collector channels or gutters
  3. Travel time in a storm conduit such as a circular pipe or a channel of general trapezoidal cross-section.

For the overland flow you can select one of two equations. Friendís eq. is:

where k = 107 (metric) or 72.042 (imperial)

Each of the three components requires entry of data to describe the length, gradient and roughness of the conduit or surface. In addition, overland flow may also depend on the intensity of the effective rainfall.

On entry of a finite length the time is computed for each component and the total is displayed as the Time of Concentration.

Both metric and U.S.Customary (Imperial) units can be used depending on the units selected in running MIDUSS





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