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Frequently asked questions



V2 = applies to MIDUSS Version 2 (current release)
M98 = applies to MIDUSS 98

  • M98 ][ V2 ]    I want to install the new Version 2 on the same PC as my older MIDUSS 98 installation.  I still want to use MIDUSS 98. Will Version 2 interfere with MIDUSS 98 and vice-versa?

    Both MIDUSS 98 and Version 2 will co-exist on the same PC.  The installation porgram for Version 2 creates a new install folder.  Both versions will not interfere with each other.  You should be carefull locating and using your working files for each version.  Version 2 data files will not work with MIDUSS 98, but MIDUSS 98 files will work with Version 2.  See this link for more  compatibility information.

  • [ M98 ]     I have downloaded the latest Setup program from the MIDUSS web site and want to update my old version.  What must I do to preserve my license authorization?  Should I run Uninstall from the Control Panel?  Should I erase the entire \Miduss98\ folder?  Should I use the license transfer procedure before and after running Setup?

Running Uninstall or erasing the \Miduss98\ folder will cause your current license authorization to be lost, so do NOT do either of these.  Using the license transfer procedure (see Appendix 'B' in the User Manual) is necessary only if you intend to install MIDUSS in a different folder or directory from the one currently used.

The best way is simply to run Setup and install the new version in the same folder - e.g. \Program Files\Miduss98\.  The new version will inherit the license authorization attributes created for the previous version.

Of course, if all you want to do is update the executable 'Miduss98.exe' it is faster to download the compressed, self expanding file 'm98v100.EXE', place it in the \Miduss98\ folder and double-click on the file to overwrite the file 'Miduss98.exe'.  You can make a copy of the old one if you like, in case you want to restore it.  Use Edit|Copy and Edit|Paste to make a file called 'Copy of Miduss98.exe' and (optionally) rename it as 'Miduss98Jan26.exe' using the appropriate date, of course.

  • [ M98 ]   I can't run the Tutorial lessons from the CD but MIDUSS complains that these files are 'read only'.  What should I do?

This is the result of an error in the September 4, 19version of the program.  There are two ways to fix this.

(a)  You can copy the files from the CD on to your hard-disk.

(b)  Down load an update for Miduss98.exe in the form of a self-expanding file 'm98v100.EXE' from this web site.   Place the file in your MIDUSS folder and double click on it to expand it to replace the existing executable Miduss98.exe

  • [ M98 ]   When I try to run MIDUSS I get a fatal message "Crypkey -102".  Help!

This error means that a required server is not running. It almost always means that you have loaded MIDUSS on a computer using Windows NT (version 4.0 or later) but you have not installed the secondary setup program to set up the NT Service.  To install the missing driver insert the CD in the drive and double click on the file 'CrypkeyService.exe'.

  • [ M98 ]     The Authorization Information window shows the License Status as "Authorization NOT Present" even after I got my Key Code.   When I pressed [Change Authorization] the Site Code had changed.  What's going on?

This was an error on the first batch of CDs and early versions of the 'update' file m98v100.EXE.  In fact authorization was present and the program could be run normally by pressing [Run MIDUSS].   This error has been corrected as of Nov. 20 1998

  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]     Why is MIDUSS a better design tool than HEC-1?

There are many programs available for simulating stormwater management. However MIDUSS is probably unique in offering the capability of designing different components of the stormwater system. Programs such as HEC-1 (now known as HMS or Hydraulic Modelling System) are useful for simulating the runoff from a given system when subjected to a particular storm. However the design capabilities are very limited.

  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]     Why is MIDUSS superior for design to SWMM?

SWMM is the pre-eminent program for modelling both quantity and quality of runoff from a catchment. However the design capabilities are limited to trial and error efforts and for each trial a complete simulation is necessary. SWMM does not have the interactive capabilities, which is the leading feature of MIDUSS.

  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]    Can MIDUSS run in batch or interactive mode?

MIDUSS can do both. Interactive mode is described as a manual run and you can proceed from the upper limits of the drainage network simulating the runoff from each catchment and interactively designing the capacity of each element of the drainage network. Once a design has been completed you can repeat this in batch mode by using the output file in Automatic mode. This allows you to repeat the design subjecting it to a more severe storm without having to re-enter all the commands and data.

  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]     Why is there not a file save command like other Windows programs?

MIDUSS automatically saves the commands, data and some of the results to the current output file. There is always a current output file available to record this information. It is recommended that you specify a job specific folder to contains these output files, but if you neglected to do this the data is stored in a file named DEFAULT.OUT in the MIDUSS program folder.

  • [ M98 ]     How do I use the multimedia tutorials on the MIDUSS CD?

From the Help menu, clicking on the Tutorial menu item will open a small window which prompts you to setup the list of available lessons. When you click on the setup button a dialog box will appear prompting you to navigate to the CD reader and the Tutorials folder. Clicking on any of the files in this folder will populate the tutorial list box with all the training files in the folder. You can then select a lesson and play it with the [Play] button.

  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]    When I select a training tutorial from the list I see the lesson but I have no audio but I have a headphone jack on my CD. What is the problem?

The audio track can be heard only if you have a sound card installed or built into your PC. The CD output jack is for music CDs only.

  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]    My monitor is 800 x 600 resolution. How can I get the various MIDUSS windows to be more organized on the screen?

We strongly recommend a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 to use MIDUSS comfortably.

  • [ M98 ]    I recently defragmented my hard disk and now MIDUSS does not work.  What happended?

Many tools exist to correct fragmentation of your hard drive.  These work by moving the clusters comprising a file to be contiguous.  If this operation causes the MIDUSS license authorization files to be moved you may lose the current authorization.  The files created when you authorize MIDUSS98 are as follows:
Miduss98.KEY Miduss98.ENT  Miduss98.41S Miduss98.RST

The Microsoft defragmentation programs that come with your Windows operating system will always recognize these files as 'System' files and will flag them as 'unmovable'.  However, other proprietary programs such as Norton SpeedDisk (version 6.0) and a defragmenter by 'Nuts & Bolts' (and possibly others) may require that you define the files as 'unmovable'.  In general, if you run a defragmenter on a regular basis, we recommend using the Microsoft version that comes with you operating system.

If you are uncertain about the procedure you can prevent this from happening by transferring the license to another drive or another machine before running the defragmentation program. When finished you can transfer the license back to the original machine. However, you should not do this too frequently as it is both time-consuming and a little risky if your floppy disk drive is less than 100% reliable.   Click here to learn about transferring the license.


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