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Frequently asked questions



V2 = applies to MIDUSS Version 2 (current release)
M98 = applies to MIDUSS 98

No. MIDUSS has been completely rewritten and uses a very different style of output file to record the commands, data and results. It may be possible in the future to create a conversion program, but at the moment this is not available.

MIDUSS is used widely in different countries which employ either metric or imperial (also known as US customary) units for measurements of depth, areas and volumes. It is necessary to set the units so that default values are properly set up at the start of the design session.

In order to make more of the menu items available you should define an output file as well as the system of units. The output file may be the default file in the MIDUSS directory but you are strongly advised to specify a special folder that is to be used for a particular job. Specify an output file within that folder and most of the main menu items will become available.

It is necessary for MIDUSS to know the duration of storms and hydrographs before it sets up the storage areas in the computer. For this reason, commands which are involved in defining or displaying hydrographs and hyetographs cannot be used until you have specified both the timestep and the duration of storms and hydrographs.

After you have decided on a design storm for use in yor MIDUSS session, it is necessary to define a descriptor of up to 5 characters which helps to define any hydrograph files that you save during the session. This allows you to run the program for different storms and save hydrographs at the same point in the drainage network but have files that are uniquely identified by the descriptor. Typically, if the description is 005 for a 5 year storm the hydrograph file will have an extension of *.005hyd.

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