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Version 2 Serial Numbers

MIDUSS Version 2 requires Serial Numbers to activate the use of the program.

Demonstration Mode

Version 2 Demonstration Mode requires a serial number to activate it in demo mode.

This serial number is emailed to you after you have downloaded the files from the MIDUSS web site. If this email has gone missing, the opening screen in MIDUSS has a [Get Serial Number] button which takes you to the appropriate page on this web site so that you can request and immediately receive a Demo serial number by email.

Demo mode has no time limit but there are data limitations built-in.

Single license

Version 2 Single licenses have a Serial Number starting with a 4-digit numerical sequence. Example: 1890.

The full serial number has 4 block of digits such as 1890 AE33 345A 32DC

The Serial Number is used to track and communicate with purchasers of the license. It is important to keep this number in a safe place and use it when contacting our company or a reseller for upgrade or technical support.

A Single license Serial Number will not activate a Network license.

Network license

Version 2 Network licenses have the same attributes as the Single license except they always start with the number 9. A Network license Serial Number will not activate a Single license.

Maintenance Serial Number

MIDUSS Version 2 provides an automatic 90 days of updates and technical support after purchase. This applies to both new licenses or upgrades from previous versions.

See this link for our maintenance policy.

The Maintenance Serial Number is purchased from our company or a reseller and is sent to you by email. A typical Maintenance Serial Number looks similar to the license serial number.  Here is an example of a Maintenance Serial Number: 1023 24EA 76DD 67EE.

When you have purchased a full license of Version 2 each time you run MIDUSS there is an opportunity to enter a Maintenance Serial Number. Once entered, the top portion of the opening screen tells you the period you are eligible to download updates from our web site.

Version 2 updates are available from

When the maintenance period expires you will be unable to gain access to the download area and therefore cannot receive MIDUSS Version 2 updates.

To re-instate a maintenance period you must purchase a Maintenance Serial Number from our web site. The web location is

All Maintenance Serial Numbers provide 12 months of access to the update area of the MIDUSS web site. The Maintenance Serial Number will sent to you by e-mail.

When the email arrives you simply copy and paste the number into the appropriate field on the MIDUSS opening screen. Then press the [Save Serial Number] button. The maintenance period date will be updated.

A Maintenance Serial Number provides updates for 12 months from date of purchase.

If you purchase a Maintenance Serial Number at the same (or close to) the time as you purchased Version 2 you will receive an additional 90 days (3 months) of updates for a total of 15 months.  For example, if your copy of Version 2 showed that you have 3 months of maintenance to go and you purchased a Maintenance Serial Number and installed it in MIDUSS then the maintenance period expiry shown in MIDUSS would be 15 months.

The opening screen of MIDUSS shows you the date when maintenance expires. The MIDUSS Help / About menu item also shows you the same date information.








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