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  • [ M98 ][ V2 ]     MIDUSS does work in Automatic Mode.

Recent updates of Windows XP and 2000 (March 2004)  have introduced security systems which may cause the database creation module (in the Automatic Command) to fail in MIDUSS.  We determined that programs compiled with Visual Basic 4 and including DAO (Data Access Objects) components will not work with these recent updates of XP or 2000. We were forced to rebuild MIDUSS Version 2 with a new programming compiler (Visual Basic 5). This changes a large proportion of the MIDUSS program support files.

As a result of this bug a new version of MIDUSS has been released.  This release is 2.01 Rev319 dated April 6, 2004.

If you have an earlier release of Version 2 you will need to completely uninstall your current MIDUSS Version 2 from your PC. Then use release 2.01Rev319 to reinstall it. Your current License Serial Number will still work and you will not lose any MIDUSS data files that you may have created.

For MIDUSS 98 users we are currently working on a patch that will get past the problem the Windows XP or 2000 updates have created.  As of April 6, 2004 we have not been able to so yet.  Please watch this web site for progress updates.

Automatic is a form of design using MIDUSS, which depends on the use of an output file that has been previously created in normal or manual mode.

Automatic mode allows you to complete a design over two or more sessions. Perhaps more importantly, Automatic mode allows you to subject a previously designed system to more severe storm without requiring you to re-enter all of the commands and data.

MIDUSS converts the output file (from a previous session and now an input file) into a database that makes it possible to see and edit the contents of the input file. This makes it much more convenient to follow the sequence of commands and also to take action if some of the data requires editing.






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