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Version 2 Maintenance Policy


12 Month Maintenance Agreement

  1. When MIDUSS has been installed and a full license serial number applied you have an opportunity to enter a Maintenance Serial Number. The Maintenance serial number is used within MIDUSS to provide you with information about the expiry date for Maintenance.
  2. The Maintenance period will have a duration of 12 months from date of this agreement.
  3. If you purchased Maintenance at the same time you purchased a MIDUSS license the total Maintenance period will be 90 days (3 months) + 12 months = 15 months.
  4. The Maintenance serial number should be entered in MIDUSS as soon as possible after you have received this agreement. This is to ensure that the download access database will coordinate with the expiry date that your MIDUSS license screen will display when the Maintenance Serial Number is entered.
  5. You must be a valid purchaser of a MIDUSS Version 2 License before a Maintenance update service will be provided.
  6. Maintenance updates means that you will be provided access to a controlled web site where the latest updates will be stored. You will then be able to download the updates to your local computer.
  7. Maintenance also means that we will provide reasonable technical support services via phone, fax or email for a 12 month period. Technical support will include advice on installation issues, running of MIDUSS (but not a tutorial) to suit a particular engineering project or advice on a work-around if a program error has been encountered.
  8. Maintenance does not mean we will provide engineering consulting services.
  9. Maintenance does not mean an upgrade to a new major version of MIDUSS (eg. Version 3).
  10. Maintenance does not mean you will receive printed updates of the User manuals or CD media. The download web site will have these in electronic format.
  11. All Maintenance services will be provided by Alan A. Smith Inc. A reseller may have been involved in the sale of Maintenance, but Alan A. Smith Inc. will provide the Maintenance administration and delivery.
  12. MIDUSS Version 2 license updates are available from our web site at:\d-man
  13. Our download database is manually updated as new MIDUSS License and Maintenance numbers are distributed. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to update the download site with your access information.
  14. Your download access information will be:

Username: TomSmith (name of person who registered your MIDUSS lesson, no spaces, max 15 characters)
Password: 1029AE45 (first 8 characters of your MIDUSS License
Maintenance Serial Number: 2000 XXXX YYYY ZZZZ
Maintenance period: Feb 2004 Feb 2005


Alan A. Smith Inc.
17 Lynndale Drive, Dundas, Ontario. Canada, L9H 3L4
Tel: 905-628-4682
Fax: 905-628-1364


Alan A. Smith Inc. 1993-2004

Maintenance Serial Number system

Please see this link for detail on the Maintenance Serial Number system.








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