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Design Detention Pond

See a short 90 second demo on detention pond
design.  Click here.

MIDUSS helps you to design a detention pond to achieve a desired reduction in the peak flow of a hydrograph.  

The current peak flow and the total volume of the inflow hydrograph are reported and you are prompted to specify the desired peak outflow. MIDUSS estimates the maximum storage requirement to achieve this.

The storage routing through the pond requires a table of values defining the outflow discharge and the storage volume corresponding to a range of stage or depth levels. You can enter this data directly into the grid if you wish, but it is usually easier to use some of the features of the Pond command to automate this process.

The outflow control can be designed using multiple orifices, weir and vortex valves. The Stage - Storage values can be estimated for different types of storage facility. These may be a multi-stage pond with an idealized rectangular plan shape and different side slopes in each stage; one or more "super-pipes" or oversized storm sewers; wedge storage formed on graded parking lots; or a combination of these types of storage.

Rooftop storage can also be modelled to simulate controlled flow from the roof of a commercial development.

Following use of the ROUTE command you can experiment by changing any of the flow or storage data until the desired result is obtained.

There is more pond information in our FAQ section.  Click here.

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