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Design Detail

Design options available in MIDUSS:
  • Pipe sizing (in which hydraulic gradient is reported if the pipe is surcharged)...more

  • Open channels of either a generalized trapezoidal shape or a more complex cross-section defined graphically and modified with up to 50 co-ordinate pairs...more

  • Hydrograph flood routing in part-full pipes or open channels...more

  • Detention ponds including a variety of tools for computing depth-discharge and depth-storage curves for a variety of outflow control devices and pond geometries.  You can also design your own vortex for sophisticated control design...more

  • Exfiltration trenches with multiple perforated and non-perforated pipes...more

  • Diversion structures for separation of hydrograph components (e.g. major and minor)...more

  • Culverts including storage routing...more

  • Cascade lets you route the current inflow hydrograph through a short cascade of storage cells...more

The above detailed design tools are available at all points in the development of the drainage network.
























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