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The Layout command provides a visual display of the elements added to the drainage network. The procedure is carried out automatically in MIDUSS and Catchments, Pipes, Channels and other stormwater control devices are drawn on the Layout as they are designed.

It is important to understand the concept behind the layout system provided in MIDUSS. You
cannot remove or add icons directly on the layout.

Adding (and deleting) of icons representing design elements is done using the hydrology and hydraulic design commands of the MIDUSS main menu.

The MIDUSS design philosophy proposes that it is best to design and optimize one drainage element at a time as you progress downstream. If the graphical depiction of the network was to be performed first, with element optimization done after, then you would be faced with trying to optimize many different elements at the same time thus reducing your productivity and the quality of the design.

The design procedure used by MIDUSS requires that you start from the furthest upstream point in any branch of the drainage network and work downstream generating flows and designing
drainage elements to manage the flows. Design decisions are therefore made interactively for only one element at a time. The Layout display maintains a graphical history of the sequence and connectivity of the various elements of your design. This is done whether the Layout window is open or closed. At any time you can modify the actual location of elements on the drawing area with a simple drag-and-drop procedure without changing the sequence and connectivity of the elements.

You can plot the layout in a any of four directions NE, SE, NW or SW.  You can zoom in out out and adjust scaling.  A grid can be superimposed.

A layout popup menu includes a View mode which will display a drainage element's design and performance data when you hover over a network element.

When the Layout window is displayed you can click your mouse right button to open up a menu used just for interaction with the layout information.

  • Select mode lets you move the icons and connections around to better match your real drainage network.

  • View mode lets you hover over a layout element to reveal data about that element and its inflow and outflow data.

  • Print Area use this to print the full layout or a specific rectangular section.

  • Print lets you setup your target computer for layout printing.

  • Background with this feature you can import bitmap or vector-based graphics as a backdrop for your layout.

  • Save Picture the layout and background can be exported to certain graphic file formats




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