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Version 2 Installation Network license

MIDUSS Version 2 Network is delivered on CD media.

On the CD media there are important files to identify and learn about:

  • ServerSetup.exe – sets up MIDUSS Server on a server.
  • ClientSetup.exe – sets up MIDUSSnet on the client PC.
  • MIDUSS.exe - the main executable that runs MIDUSS. Stored on the server only.
  • MIDUSSnet.exe – the program the Client User runs on their PC.


  • MIDUSS Version 2 Network will co-exist on the server with an old version of MIDUSS 98 or MIDUSS ver 4.72 for DOS.
  • MIDUSS Version 2 Network will NOT co-exist on the server with a MIDUSS Version 2 Single user license. If you are upgrading from a Single user version to a Network version, please completely uninstall all previous Version 2 installations and then reboot the server. Otherwise there will be conflicting Registry settings that will make both the
    new Network install and previous Single licenses inoperable.
  • MIDUSS Version 2 Network does not have a demo version. It is assumed that the engineering functionality can be appreciated by reviewing the Demonstration Mode or Single license products.
General Overview

MIDUSS Network allows an unlimited number of client PCs to access the MIDUSS files installed on a server. The MIDUSS Network license is to be used on a “per office location” basis. Wide Area Networks (WAN) require the purchase of a MIDUSS Enterprise license.

  • MIDUSS Network runs on servers running Windows NT4, 2000, XP, and Server2003
  • MIDUSS Network consists of a Server setup, then once completed, a Client setup on each PC.
  • All Client working files (i.e. files that a user creates or modifies) are stored on the Client PC or on another folder where the Client User has write permission. In addition, MIDUSS read-only data files such as Help or storm data files will be stored in the Client PC in the folder …\MIDUSSNet\
  • Only the Administrator of the MIDUSS Server installation can update the MIDUSS.exe executable. Client Users can learn if an update is available, and in some circumstances, can download the update files
  • The Administrator runs the program ServerSetup.exe to install the MIDUSS Server files. The Administrator also enters the License & Maintenance serial numbers.
  • Once this is completed, Client Users run a file named ClientSetup.exe from the Server location. This sets up the local MIDUSS support files on their PC. On the Client User
    PC the engineer will be running a program named MIDUSSnet.exe.
  • MIDUSSnet.exe prompts the User to navigate to where the MIDUSS.exe file is located on the network. This is done only once. The User runs MIDUSS by clicking the RunMIDUSS button.
  • The MIDUSSnet.exe uses a local file NetSetupHelp.txt to assist the user in browsing to the Server application folder. This help file can be edited by the System Administrator to reflect site specific information.
Hardware and Software Required

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MIDUSS server setup

Focus on a file named: ServerSetup.exe

To install MIDUSS Network you will need to have Administrator permissions.

The ServerSetup.exe contains all the files necessary to setup the server portion of MIDUSS.  ServerSetup.exe also includes the MIDUSS client software that a user runs to install the client components on their PC. ServerSetup.exe does not include the video tutorials because this would make the file too large and unwieldy (about 450 MB). However, the tutorials are included on the CD in a folder \Tutorials\.

  1. Insert the MIDUSS Network CD in your server’s CD reader. Let’s assume this is D: drive (your’s may be different).
  2. Navigate to the root of D:\ using the Windows file explorer.
  3. Find the program named ServerSetup.exe. It is a large file of over 40MB.
  4. Run this program and follow the usual Windows installer dialog.
  5. We recommend you install MIDUSS Network server to C:\Program Files\MIDUSS
  6. The files will be copied to the install folder.
  7. Depending on your version of Windows you may be asked to reboot your server.
  8. Next, you need to manually copy the MIDUSS tutorial files to your server.
  9. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\MIDUSS folder and makes sure there is a folder named \Tutorials already present. It should be there.
  10. Return to the MIDUSS CD media and navigate to the D:\Tutorials folder.
  11. Copy all the files from the media in folder D:\Tutorials to your server in C:\ Program Files\MIDUSS\Tutorials.
  12. The file installation and copying of MIDUSS Network setup is now complete.
  13. Start MIDUSS by running it from Start\Programs\MIDUSS.
  14. The first screen you will see is the MIDUSS License screen. It will request that you enter a MIDUSS serial number in order for the program to be enabled. Do not enter a serial number for a single user version. The server serial numbers are different.
  15. Enter the serial number found on your License Certificate or on the MIDUSS CD media case.
  16. Press the [Save Serial #] button.
  17. MIDUSS server has been setup successfully.
  18. You are provided with an initial 90 days of free maintenance downloads. The MIDUSS.exe (the main executable) is constantly being updated. During the 90 day period you can download the updates from our web site at: You will be asked to enter your user name and password to gain entry to the latest downloads. Your user name is your email address. After 90 days your access will stop.
  19. When the Serial Number has been saved successfully you will see that a Maintenance Serial Number box is now displayed. This is where you enter your Maintenance Serial Number which provides an additional 12 months of access to the latest MIDUSS updates.
  20. You receive a Maintenance Serial Number when you purchase MIDUSS extended maintenance. Maintenance Serial Numbers can be purchased from our ShopMIDUSS web site at: Once your credit card details have been approved you will receive an email that contains your unique Maintenance Serial Number.
  21. Assuming you have purchased MIDUSS maintenance and have received a Maintenance Serial Number, simply enter it in the Maintenance Serial Number box and press the Save Serial # button.
  22. MIDUSS will recognize the number and add one year to the number of days of maintenance you may already have in place. The Status screen will be updated to show the expiry date of your MIDUSS maintenance. Note: You automatically receive 90 days (3 months) free updates when you purchase and install MIDUSS. If you add a Maintenance Serial Number you will ADD to the existing 90 days (3 months) for a total of 15 months. The calculated expiry date at the top of the License Screen reflects this extended period.


MIDUSS client setup

Focus on a file named: ClientSetup.exe

This file is contained inside the ServerSetup.exe program which installs the server portion of MIDUSS Network. ClientSetup.exe is located in the same folder on the server where MIDUSS Network was installed.

  1. Navigate to the server location where MIDUSS Network was installed. Your Administrator will provide you with detailed information about the whereabouts of this computer. Your Administrator will also have provided you with Network access permissions.
  2. Find a file named ClientSetup.exe and run it by double clicking. You do not need to download this file to your PC, but you can if you wish.
  3. The installation will start and you will be prompted to name a location on your local PC.  Normally this is C:\Program Files\MIDUSSNet. We recommend you use this location.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  5. Depending on the version of your Windows operating system, you may be asked to reboot your PC. Later versions, such as XP, do not require a reboot.
  6. On the client PC Start / Programs menu you will find MIDUSSNet. The program you will run from there is MIDUSSnet.exe which has been setup by the MIDUSS client installation.
  7. Run MIDUSSnet.exe
  8. You will see a path location box which is empty the first time it is used. You need to tell MIDUSSnet where the main program file named MIDUSS.exe is located. It should be in the same location on the server where you ran the ClientSetup.exe file.
  9. A label on the MIDUSSnet form provides assistance in browsing to the Server location. This information can be customized by the System Administrator. Navigate to the MIDUSS.exe file on the Server by clicking the Setup button.
  10. The path in the box will be completed. Click [Open] on the File Open dialog box. The path will be saved on the Client machine. You will only have to do this path setup once, unless your Administrator changes the location at some point in the future.
  11. Run MIDUSS by clicking the Run MIDUSS button.






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