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Is MIDUSS a hydrology model?

No. MIDUSS brings together many industry accepted hydrologic models and hydraulic design methodologies into one software package.

MIDUSS is the yellow dot on the diagram below.  Other products on the market are concentrated at the top -  focused on simulation and hydrograph generation. 

MIDUSS is a balance between hydrologic simulation and drainage design engineering.

We include a lot of hydrologic models (storm, runoff, infiltration) but MIDUSS excels at helping you design the best drainage network to convey your hydrograph.

Since 1984 MIDUSS has been a completely interactive program.  This is critical for the best use of your time as an engineer.

Interactive means you get to see the results of your design decision immediately, not even two mouse-clicks later.  Immediately!

Quick feedback lets you make a judgment on the suitability of the network element.  Then you can tweak its performance or try to reduce the size to save costs.  MIDUSS gives you the time to exercise your talent as an engineer. 

With ever present feedback you always know your design has been optimized before moving downstream.  MIDUSS watches your every move.  It makes design suggestions and in most cases you are presented with an automatic design as a starting point. 

Error detection is superb.  With nearly 20 years of feedback from users you are assured that the most strange design decisions can be trapped and presented back to you for approval.

When you have finished your design with a routine storm, you can easily test it with a more intense storm. You can interactively fix up only those design elements that are surcharged.

And MIDUSS has lots of hydrology.  More than most of the other products out there.

But if you like your hydrograph generation program, you can import any kind of hydrograph and take advantage of MIDUSS's design superiority.

MIDUSS provides incredible engineering productivity and design accuracy because it provides a unique blend of simulation models, design flexibility and user interactivity - all in one system.

MIDUSS offers:

  • No more unwieldy use of separate simulation and design software packages.  But you can use you own hydrographs (from other packages) if you wish.
  • Better designs through interactivity - you immediately see the effects of your design decisions.
  • A wide variety of hydrologic models are provided to meet with your regional requirements.
  • Use very large catchment areas and route the flow using advanced routing algorithms built-in.
  • Design rooftop and parking lot  storage, unique stage-discharge ponds, underground recharge trenches, channels with complex cross-sections.  Know immediately if the pipe is surcharged. See a video example showing the type of solution MIDUSS can provide.

MIDUSS has been around since 1984 and offers you the most robust and well balanced interactive system for the simulation and design of stormwater management systems.







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