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Reseller information

If you wish to become a distributor of MIDUSS in your country, please contact us at

As we have done for Malaysia, we can customize almost any part of MIDUSS to accomodate your local requirements. 

A sole and exclusive distributor in a particular country would be a person or company who is a professional engineer with skills in stormwater management design.  This entity would interpret their local government policies and assist us with interpretation and how a custom version of MIDUSS can accomodate the requirements.



Coming soon is our MIDUSS affliate program.  This program will provide you with a commission for all MIDUSS sales that originate from a customer selecting a specific link on your web site.  Our technology can track where the sale came from and you will automatically receive a commission payment.  Watch this page for more information.  We expect this technology to be in place by March 2004.












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There are videos available to help you use MIDUSS.  Click here.

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College or University faculty?

Please see our academic page for our low price offer.  Click here.

Theory anyone?

If you are interested in the hydrological or hydraulic theory built into MIDUSS click here.

You have a custom version of MIDUSS distributed through Winz Connections.
Find out more information about the custom Malaysia storms.  Click here.









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