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MIDUSS Introduction

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MIDUSS is stormwater modelling software intended for designers of stormwater management systems with emphasis on the detailed design of a range of devices for centralized or on-site control.

MIDUSS is a design program with a versatile rainfall runoff simulator as the front end.  It is positioned midway between detailed design programs with no simulation capability and hydrological simulators with no design features.  [ Learn more ]

Devices include ponds and MIDUSS has many tools for the design of outflow controls for a variety of storage facilities including rooftop and parking lot storage. Also included is an exfiltration trench design - an innovative storage and recharge facility that is easily integrated into your design.

You can design an unlimited size of drainage network consisting of pipes, channels, ponds and diversion structures.  The program will track all your actions and results allowing you to concentrate on improving your design.  MIDUSS  has always been fully interactive, now it's even better; you can now visually see how full your pipe, pond or channel gets given your design decisions.  Immediate design feedback - there is no better way of maximizing your engineering talent. 

Stormwater management engineers need a small range of software tools rather than trying to make one program do everything.  MIDUSS is very affordable at US$895 and will fit into everyone's budget for stormwater software.

The hydrology in MIDUSS is versatile with many built-in models: 

  • 5 storm types, 
  • 3 infiltration models, and 
  • 4 overland flow methods plus a lag and route tool for modeling large catchments with high accuracy
  • Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph generation

A rather unique feature of MIDUSS is the ability to run in what we call Automatic mode where a previously created output file serves as the basis for the input database. This is great for testing a design under a more severe storm or completing a design in 2 or more sessions.

To get a good feel for what MIDUSS does, look at this web site - especially the the video tutorials - and then download the Demo.  The Demo and the Full version are the same.  A Demo turns into a Full License when a valid Full Serial Number is applied.

We have the Full License Serial numbers available for immediate email delivery.  Please see our ShopMIDUSS web site. 

MIDUSS runs under Windows 98, NT4, Me, 2000, XP, Server2003.  Full system requirements are detailed here.

Three types of licenses are available:

  • Single User: installed on one PC
  • Network: installed on a server with an unlimited number of clients from one office location accessing the program on the server
  • Enterprise: right to use an unlimited number of Network or Single licenses through the organizational entity.












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On-line videos

There are videos available to help you use MIDUSS.  Click here.

Quick Story

How about a quick MIDUSS review in 180 seconds or less? We know your time is valuable. Click here for the fast story.

College or University faculty?

Please see our academic page for our low price offer.  Click here.

Theory anyone?

If you are interested in the hydrological or hydraulic theory built into MIDUSS click here.

You have a custom version of MIDUSS distributed through Winz Connections.
Find out more information about the custom Malaysia storms.  Click here.









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